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    Double walled stainless steel insulating vacuum flask with additional tea infuser and cork base detail. Capacity 450 ml. Leak free.

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    Set of 2 salt mill and pepper grinder made of rubber wood with ceramic mechanism presented in white box.

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    Small bamboo jewellery box with detachable mirror.

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    True Wireless Stereo (TWS) 5.0 wireless earbuds with 35 mAh rechargeable battery built-in. Playing time approx. 3 hours. Includes a micro USB charging cable and a 250 mAh charging station. With keyring and phone stand.

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    Borosilicate glass water/juice decanter with cork lid. Capacity: 1L.

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    Dibux colouring set consists of 12 colouring pictures, 12 wooden colour pencils and a 50 sheets notepad. (70 g/m²).

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    Lunch box closed with an elastic band. It has two containers with a capacity of 500 ml each. Equipped with a fork, knife and bamboo cutting board.

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    Insulated stainless steel flask with non-leak screw cap and additional interchangeable built-in straw cap. Supplied with neoprene carrying bag. Capacity: 700 ml.

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    The unique candle in industrial style is a perfect addition to the any interior. Fragrance "Honey Pleasure" inspired by honey and vanilla will fill the room with a delicate aroma. Burning time 30 hours.

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    Re-usable Glass tumbler with bamboo lid that can also be used as coaster. Capacity: 300 ml.

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    Recycled ABS True Wireless Stereo (TWS) 5.0 wireless stereo earbuds with 40 mAh battery built-in. Playing time approx. 4 hours. Including a micro USB charging cable and a 300 mAh charging station.

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    Wine gift bag for two bottles in jute and 320 gr/m² canvas.

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    Polyester insulated picnic basket with aluminium frame and EVA handle. It offers excellent thermal insulation thanks to aluminium foil and EPE foam bedding inside the basket. Capacity: 32 l. Max load : 15 kg.

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    Barbecue apron with three different tools and one glove. Apron in 600D polyester.

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    Picnic blanket

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    A must have in every car. First aid kit consisting of 40 elements. Complies with DIN13164. It consists of: Adhesive tape 2,5x5 cm, Adhesive bandage 10x6 cm 4pcs, Adhesive bandage 3.8 x 7.2 cm 2pcs, Adhesive bandage 12 x 2 cm 2pcs, Adhesive bandage 7.2 x 1.9 cm 2 pcs , Adhesive bandage 7.6 x 2.5 cm 4 pcs, Dressing bandage 6 cm, Dressing bandage 8 cm,...

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    Light, airtight water bottle with a solid closure, equipped with a container into pieces of fruit or mint. Made of tritan - durable, transparent material that does not change the taste of the drink. BPA free. Tight closure - leak proof prevents liquids from leaking. available XL printing option. Full color decoration option available (UV printing).

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    9 function multitool in aluminium housing - a pocket version of Feat multitool. Stainless steel blades. Packed in polyester case.

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    Pedometer bracelet with ABS pedometer unit and acrylic screen. The armband is made out of comfortable silicone material. The bracelet is adjustable to fit various wrist sizes and therefore suitable for all users. The bracelet counts steps, calories burned and distance travelled. Includes batteries for immediate use. Battery life on normal usage about 1 year.

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    Bicycle pump with 2 valves for standard bicycle tires and adapter for inflating balls and inflatable beach toys. It has 2 hooks that allow the pump to be mounted on the bicycle frame.

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    Reflective promotional backpack. High visibility from distance. Increased safety.

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    Leak-proof 500ml vacuum bottle made from stainless steel. Vacuum between the two walls gives the flask perfect thermal insulation properties. The inner wall is made from 18/8 upgraded steel. The bottle is suitable for cold and hot liquids. It keeps temperature of 40 degrees Celsius for 15 hrs.

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    Update your desk with this super convenient wireless charger. Made out of ABS and 100% natural bamboo this wireless charger integrates perfectly on your desk or your living room. The wireless charger is a 5W charger and comes with a 150 cm micro USB cable to connect it to your USB power source. The pen holder is convenient to store small objects to keep...

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    Power bank 4000 mAh in Bamboo casing. Capacity for smartphone use, output current DC5V/1A. Includes indicating light and USB cable with micro USB plug. Includes Type C connector. Bamboo is a natural product, there may be slight variations in colour and size per item, which can affect the final decoration outcome.

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    Koszulki męskie marki Fruit of the loom o gramaturze 190/195g. Wykonane w 100% z bawełny ring-spun. Ściągacz wokół szyi wykonany z bawełny/lycry i podwójne przeszycia. Bardzo miękkie w dotyku. Pranie w temperaturze 60 stopni Celsjusza. Taśma wzmacniająca na ramionach z takiego samego materiału

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    280 gr/m² Flannel fleece blanket wrapped in ribbon and printable card.

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    27 inch auto open umbrella in 190T polyester material and inside silver coating. With black plated metal shaft and ribs. Black plastic tips. Straight black EVA handle. Manual closure.

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    280 g/m² Zewnątrz: 100% bawełna (3 warstwowy materiał). 75% bawełna, 21% poliester, 4% wiskoza. Carbon Melange: 77% bawełna, 23% poliester. Taśma na karku w jodełkę. Zamek na całej długości. Wkładka półksiężycowa (na karku). Modne szwy na ramionach. Kieszenie boczne. Ściągacze z elastanem przy mankietach i na dole. Bez metki. Dwuwarstwowy kaptur z płaskim...

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    Multi-rings keyring with PU leather strap.

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    Elegant keyring made from shiny metal and PU. Packed in black gift box.

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