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    750 ml drinking bottle in tritan with silicone rings and foldable mouth piece on the lid.

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    4.2 Bluetooth earphones in ABS with microphone and includes a TPE charging cable. Rechargeable Li-ION 55 mAh battery. Playing time approx. 2 hours. Operating range: 2m. Presented in a plastic box.

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    Lanyard cable in TPE with micro USB and Type C for smartphones and tables.

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    Cool towel in bottle with plastic cover with carabiner. The towel is made from FibreCool microfiber. The technology uses sudden air movements to lower the temperature of water particles. It is ideal for gym & fitness freaks, also useful during hot days as cooling compress. .How it works in practice? Just dip the towel in cold water, then wring and...

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    Skill game aimed at placing 3 small balls in the smalest circle.

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    Gra memory znana wszystkim jako doskonałe narzędzie do ćwiczenia pamięci i wyśmienita zabawa w jednym. Zapamiętywanie obrazów poprawia koncentrację i wpływa korzystnie na kondycję umysłową. Sprawdza się doskonale jako produkt reklamowy ze względu na możliwość zadrukowania pełnej powierzchni, zarówno samych kart, jak i opakowania, danymi firmy, ofertą,...

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    Pen holder with 4 USB hub and 2 setting light mode.

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    Key ring with integrated cables, USB, micro and Type C.

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    Okulary przeciwsłoneczne, bezprzewodowy głośnik | Przygotuj się na przyjście lata z tymi modnymi okularami przeciwsłonecznymi, które mają wbudowany bezprzewodowy głośnik. Wystarczy podłączyć telefon do okularów i grać ulubioną muzykę przez dwa głośniki 1W. Obudowa okularów wykonana z lekkiego PC, soczewki mają ochronę UV400. Bateria o pojemności 110 mAh...

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    Twist action ball pen in ABS with stylus and soft grip. The barrel includes a light to illuminate the logo activated by pushing the stylus when an engraved logo is selected. The logo will not light up when pad print process is used. 3 AG3 cell batteries included. Blue ink.

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    3 USB 2.0 hub spinner in ABS. Including micro USB cable and Type C.

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    Cap with UV protection

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    23 inch reversible umbrella, double layer, full fiberglass ribs and frame,190T pongee, manual open auto closure.

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    Foldable car organizer in 600D polyester and mesh pocket on side.

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    Foldable sun car visor in 170T polyester including pouch.

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    3 in 1 emergency hammer with belt cutter and LED light made of ABS. 3 AG3 batteries included.

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    Foldable shopping bag in 210D polyester with drawstring closure on pouch.

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    Skrobaczka made in Finland, ostrze wykonane z mosiądziu, które nie rysuje szyb, w zamian doskonale usuwa z nich uciążliwy lód. Skrobaczka posiada również specjalne prowadnice do czyszczenia piór wycieraczek oraz elastyczną końcówkę do ściągania wody.

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    PP woven laminated shopping bag in 120 gr/m2 with short handles.

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    LED light with 4 port integrated USB hub. Perfect to light up your keyboard or desk.

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    Ball pen with bamboo barrel, metal clip and silver trim parts

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    600 D nylon utility kit. Excellent travel companion whenever the road takes you. You can hang it on any hook and use it easily.

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    400ml AS outside and PP inside tumbler with screw on drinking lid and unique push button closure to avoid spilling.

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    Black polyester 190 T umbrella with contrasting red panel and trim. It comes with handy ergonomic plastic grip. The ribs and construction are metal made.

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    840 D nylon black garment bag for 1 suit. It comes with shirt compartment, 2 extra pockets (1 shirt + 1 tie).

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    Cotton Shopping bag with short handles. 105 gr/m².

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    600 D polyester sport backpack with side pockets and adjustable straps. It comes with reflective badge.

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    Safety set comprising of a strong 0.5W LED torch with integrated bottle opener at the back and multifunctional knife with emergency hammer and belt cutter. Both items can be stored in a Swiss Peak pouch and stored in the car in case of any emergencies. Registered®

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    Plastic ballpen with transparent colored barrel, shiny trim and metal clip. Handy, comfortable grip. It comes with blue r efill.

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    Foldable shopping & picnic basket made from polyester with aluminium handle. It comes with a handy zipper money-pocket. Max load 8 kg

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    Foldable shopping bag in 190T polyester with pouch and plastic hook.

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    Metal kering combining shiny finish surface with gun metal. Packed in black gift box.

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    Made from stainless steel and plastic 400 ml insulated car mug. Packed in cardboard box.

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    Elegant keyring made from shiny metal and PU. Packed in black gift box.

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    Perfect promotional aluminium ballpen. It comes with blue refill.

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    Multi-rings keyring with PU leather strap.

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